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Away from the house and in control SmartMonitoring* puts you in control of your home, even when you're not there. Easy to install and set up, SmartMonitoring can be activated at the push of a button whether you're at home, at work or even on holiday.

How does it work?

SmartSensors around your home trigger alerts to your phone or email (or a neighbour's if you're out of the country) and can be uniquely tailored to fit your family's habits. No keypads or codes, just press the button on your SmartKeyfob to arm or disarm your system.

Better yet, if you forget to turn on the alarm, simply log on to the SmartMonitoring dashboard and activate it in just a few clicks from your smart phone, work computer, or even with a text message.

Email, text or voice alerts mean you’ll know about any issues first, even if it’s just the kids coming home. By allowing you to remotely manage lights and other appliances, monitor temperatures, detect movement and activate alarm sirens you’re better able to monitor and protect your property

Fully customisable with SmartAccessories

Our great range of SmartAccessories means you can tailor your system to suit your individual needs. Install a SmartCamera to remotely record your home when an alert is triggered. SmartPlugs can be added to turn lights on and off when the doorbell rings.  

SmartMonitoring puts your home in your hands. Enabling you to check on its status from anywhere in the world - now that’s peace of mind. Plus, we can visit your home and setup your new system for you taking way any fears self setup may give. Call us to discuss how we can help.


What does my SmartMonitoring Kit include?


SmartMotion sensor


SmartContact sensor 

SmartKeyfob x 2 


Please note: This is a 12 month contract with a recurring monthly payment. Your first month's subscription will be taken when you install AlertMe.


Smart Accessories

SmartHub nano

The SmartHub nano is the brains of your system. It monitors all the devices on your system as well as  talking to our servers – communicating securely and continuously.

How does it work?

AlertMe creates a wireless Home Area Network (HAN), enabling all the devices to communicate with the SmartHub nano using the Zigbee wireless network. In turn, the SmartHub nano talks to our servers, which feed back the information for you to access (via the AlertMe dashboard and/or mobile phone).

The SmartHub nano should be connected to a spare Ethernet port on your router with the Ethernet cable provided. It also needs to be connected to mains power using the PSU (power supply unit) provided.


SmartMotion Sensor

SmartMotion Sensors can be easily installed anywhere in your home, without tricky wiring, holes or screws. Once in place they’ll keep watch for any unusual movements while you’re out and your home is empty. If they detect anything – such as someone entering a room – an alarm will sound and depending on your particular settings, you’ll be immediately alerted by text, email or phone call.

Boxed size L4.8, W4.8, D2.7cm. Weight 0.024kg



Offering so much at the push of a button, you can use this customisable SmartButton to better connect with your home in a number of ways – whether that’s by using it as a panic button, a doorbell or even a remote way to turn appliances on or off using a SmartPlug.

Boxed size L4.8, W4.8, D1.6cm. Weight 0.03kg


SmartContact sensors

Enhance your home’s security with door and window SmartContact sensors. Easily installed on any door or window, without the need for drills, holes or screws, simply stick them where needed. If a door or window with one of these devices fitted is opened while you’re away, it will trigger an alarm and alert you by text message, phone call, email or contact your designated neighbours.

Boxed size L6.3, W2.2, D2.2cm. Weight 0.014kg



Home control is truly at your fingertips with the SmartKeyfob. Allowing you to arm or disarm your SmartMonitoring system at the push of a button, it also lets you know when other family members are home from work or school if they carry one. It also lets you automate energy saving behaviour when you’re away from home, like turning SmartPlugs off standby when you activate your alarm.

Boxed size L9.5, W1.8, D2.5cm. Weight 0.02kg



Keep an eye on your home, even when you’re away, using our motion-sensing SmartCamera. Effortless to install, the SmartCamera is mains powered and can transmit both by wire and wirelessly. So if motion is detected or an alarm sounds the camera will start recording and you can capture what’s happening in your home and see it online, wherever you are.

Boxed size L16, W16, D12cm. Weight 0.6kg



Plug an appliance into a SmartPlug and see how much energy it’s currently using as well as help control it. While appliances that have ‘standby’ settings may not cost a lot on their own, a house full of them could save plenty. By fitting them with SmartPlugs and turning these appliances on or off at the socket, either online or using your smart phone, you can control your energy use even if you’re out.

Boxed size L17, W8, D8cm. Weight 0.2kg


SmartAlarm sensor

The SmartAlarm sensor listens out for your smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm or freezer alarm already installed in your home. If an alarm siren is detected you’ll be immediately alerted by text message, email or phone call. This way you can still be informed of them, wherever you are.


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